General Information

What is a Memorial Website?
An online memorial or memorial website is a collection of web pages housed on the internet that serves as a lasting memory of a loved one. At Memorial2U.com, you can create a permanent memorial website in 5 easy steps. The memorial can store written words, photos, video and audio files.
Is it really easy to create a Memorial Website?
Yes. We have developed an easy 5 step process that guides you through choosing a template, uploading your content and finally sending notification of your creation to friends and family. As long as you have a high speed internet connection and can access digital records (photos, video, audio) on your computer, you have all the tools you need to create an online memorial. SEE DEMO
Does my memorial have to be available for the public to view?
No. You can choose to password protect your memorial website when you create it. If you choose this option, only visitors with the password will be able to view the memorial.
How do I search for a memorial website?
Simply click on the Visit a Memorial tab at the top of any Memorial2U page and enter the name of your loved one in the search box.
Creating and Managing my Memorial Website
How do I start creating a Memorial Website?
You can click on the Create Memorial tab at the top of any Memorial2U page, or click the Begin button on the Memorial2U home page. After you create an account you can start the easy 5 step process. To activate your memorial for friends and family to view, click the Purchase Memorial icon. Don't worry, you will not have to enter any credit card information. Just enter FREE MEMORIAL OFFER in the Discount Code field and click the Validate Code link.
What does a completed Memorial Website look like?
You can view an example of a Memorial Website here, or click on the SEE MEMORIAL EXAMPLE on the Memorial2U home page.
Can anyone upload content to a Memorial?
No. Only the memorial creator is able to put content on the memorial. Visitors will be able to email the memorial creator through Memorial2U (we will not post your email address, only provide a contact button). It is solely up to the discretion of the memorial creator to post additional content.

Can I remove a Tribute or Flower?

Yes. If you are not comfortable with a Tribute or Flower that has been posted on your memorial website, you can log-in as the site creator, click on the memorial name, go to the Tributes or Flower page and remove it by clicking on the Delete link located on the top right hand side of the Tribute or Flower.
Can I change my Memorial Website after it’s live on the internet?
Yes, you are able to modify any content at any time as long as you log in as the memorial website creator.
How many photos, video and audio files can I upload to a Memorial Website?
You can post up to 100 MB of data. We provide a MB counter while you create your online memorial so you know how much storage you have used.
Uploading Images, Video and Audio Tips

What photo, video and audio file types do you accept?
We accept the following image formats:
We accept the following video formats:
We accept the following audio formats:
MP2, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA*

*Please note that the audio files must be loaded onto your computer's hard drive. You will not be able to load a file from any service such as iTunes.

My photos are in a photo album or a shoebox, how do I get them into a digital format?

There are several ways to turn your precious photos into digital images. The first is to scan them yourself with a digital scanner. If you don't have a scanner, you can take them to a photo shop or a discount retailer's photo center and they can scan your photos and put them on a CD for you. Once you have the CD, load the images on your computer and they will be ready to upload onto your memorial website. Another alternative is using an photo/video scanning service like DVD Your Memories.