Hazel Kathryn Dunn
08/24/1913 - 02/18/2007
Memorial Created by Terri Saeed
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03/ 6/09 4:11 pm
I enjoyed visiting your site. Thank you!
Dylan and Mason
03/ 6/09 3:45 pm
Great Grandma, we miss you and your yummy pickles. Every summer, we go to the Farmer's Market to buy cucumbers and dill. We help Mom by doing all the washing and scrubbing and putting the cukes and dill in the jars. We use your recipe and even put in your special ingredient, but they just aren't the same. I guess Farmer's market cucumbers just aren't the same as the ones you grew in your garden. Thank you for teaching us about pickles. Maybe someday ours will be as good as yours were.
Terri Saeed
02/24/09 2:05 pm
I always think of you on this day, Grandma, because it's my birthday and also the day your mother passed away in 1941. I imagine sending my birthday card was bittersweet -- sad remembering your mother but happy to celebrate your first grandchild's birth. I could always count on receiving your card and a little birthday spending money. Even the year you passed away, your birthday card showed up in my mailbox. Apparently, you had it addressed and ready to go. My mother put it in the mail so I would have one last birthday memory.
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