"'ll be sure to mention your site to anyone who may have a need for such a thing. I have to admit that at first, I hesitated about doing it at all, since it seems to solidify in my mind that my dad HAS died, but it has also been a wonderful blessing to look at all of these photos and remember what an incredible man he was, and what a wonderful life we all shared together." Angela

"I'm extremely satisfied with the memorial I was able to make for my grandfather. It is a great idea and made it easy for our family to share their memories for him. Thank you Memorial2u!" Elizabeth

"I really like your site. For our friend Liz, who was an artist - it fits beautifully." Julie

"The site will provide tremendous comfort for the children and faculty here at the school." Greg

"Allow me to compliment you on a well crafted and user friendly site." Ty

"I have to tell you that my family is so grateful for the site - it has brought a lot of family together and has given the opportunity for my Grandma's spirit to live on .  .  ." Courtney