Top 7 Things about GriefTop 7 Things about Grief

Top 7 Things to Know About Grief

1. Grief lasts longer and is more painful than most people expect.
2. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve- just your way.
3. The least helpful thing for grieving people is other people telling them how they should be doing things.
4. The most helpful thing for grieving people is to be able to process their feelings (talking, writing, composing, creating).
5. Good grief doesn’t mean forgetting, it means remembering and forming a new relationship with the deceased person.
6. Sometimes the people we think should help us simply can’t.
7. People are fundamentally resilient. They can and they will survive. We can empower people.

Posted with permission from Jennifer McBride, MA of the Heartlight Center with reference to Judith Skretny of the American Academy of Bereavement.